Chronological mutations

2014 - 2015

This series symbolizes above all the temporal conflict; the anguish experienced in the journey to the finite path. It represents, on the one hand, the lived journey and the impossibility of continuity. And on the other, the coexistence in the same body of two beings divided by time, by experience and by the road traveled. The two concepts define the title of this series. All the works represented maintain the theme of bodies of different ages contrasted manifested by various parts of it. And this corporal variety manifests the anguish of the protagonists. The surreal character generated by this contrast is implicit as the supreme character in all the images. Each character in this story maintains a remarkable ambiguity: jovial bodies with aging heads and the opposite case. The chronological mutations reflect once again, one of the many

descriptions of the urban and contemporary man who lives in the great metropolis. Anxiety and the need not to let time escape. That the infinite is possible. The society in which we live day by day demands different roles and functions according to the age we have and the requirement that comes to us will be proportional "to how successful we are". But that demand is not linear. It does not have to be the same in all cases. This non-formal and real description is what I am interested in carrying out in this series of works. To lose importance to the formal and pre judicious visualization of beings through their implicit temporal content and to glimpse a genuine, profound and true story of the beings with whom we live in our daily lives.

Fer Pietra