Anthropozoomorphic symbiosis

2012 - 2014

Jung, 1964, 239) We can make a comparison between modern, contemporary man and ancient man. The first one is repressing his instincts and the second one is not able to control his impulses. We can affirm that in both cases the animal that is inside man has moved away from his own nature.


The term "Anthropozoomorphic symbiosis" refers to two deeply related concepts. On the one hand the "symbiosis" as a fusion between the human and animal figure whose union represents a remarkable harmony in all the works I present. On the other hand, the term "anthropozoomorph", composed of two concepts. The "anthropomorphic", that we can define it as something that resembles the human form and the "zoomorphic" that refers to figures that adopt any animal form. Therefore, the "anthropozoomorphic" refers to the coexistence between these two forms in the central figures of my images. I express a  personal, poetic and subjective view. I reinvent an archetype of the so-called cultural symbols transmitted throughout the

 centuries and even in the twentieth century. I visualize the appearance of the dog as a protagonist animal that coexists with the human in all the cycles of these works. The new use of concepts merely established and accepted by many of the societies that make up this stage of human history as visualizations that express a hopeful narrative towards the spectator, is a challenge that I dare to carry out in the anthropozoomorphic symbiosis. Not only from a critical visual image. Not only re mean the icons of Western culture such as the monogamous couple, repression, sexual prohibition and religious morality but also generating new ways of expressing this discourse from the visual and plastic languages from where I feel most comfortable. From my own vision of what the world that surrounds us and conditions us
today is.


Fer Pietra